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Cadillac Sky: Gravity's Our Enemy

1. U Stay Gone                                                            
2. Goodbye Story
3. Bible By The Bed
4. My Precious Waltz/I Hate How Happy She Is
5. Baby Don't Cry
6. Thank You Esteban (Instrumental)
7. Wouldn't Put It Past Love
8. Inside Joke
9. Everybody's Favorite
10. The Wreck
11. The Majestic Swan (Instrumental)
12. Carousel
13. It Won't Be Over You
14. 2 Good 2 Last

Bluegrass iconoclasts Cadillac Sky return with a stellar sophomore release! Self-produced along with Mike Marshall, “Gravity’s Our Enemy” proves that Cadillac Sky is not only an impressive bluegrass band, but true innovators of the genre.

$ 9.98