Cadillac Sky: Blind Man Walking CD

1. Born Lonesome
2. Insomniac Blues for Matthew
3. You Again
4. Homesick Angel
5. Blind Man Walking
6. Neighborhood Bully's Long Look in the Mirror
7. Sinners Welcome
8. Redbird
9. Motel Morning
10. Can't Trust The Weatherman
11. Never Been So Blue
12. Mountain Man
13. Wish I Could Say I Was Drinkin'

Cadillac Sky is a Fort Worth-based band that truly is a "triple threat" with powerhouse vocals, incredible instrumental chops, and refreshingly original songwriting skills. The band transcends tradition by infusing their progressive brand of bluegrass with groundbreaking originality and an insatiable musical curiosity.  Blind Man Walking is an amazing debut, heralding the arrival of a brand new star in the bluegrass sky.

$ 8.00