Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder: Brand New Strings CD

1. Sally Jo
2. Sis Draper
3. 1 Corinthians 1:18
4. Enjoy The Ride
5. Lonesome And Dry As A Bone
6. Brand New Strings
7. Spread A Little Love Around
8. Appalachian Joy
9. If I Had It All Again To Do
10. Love Does It Everytime
11. Why Did I Wait So Long
12. My Father's Son
13. Monroe Dancin

Grammy winning album Brand New Strings features some of the best songs and musical performances of Ricky Skaggs' illustrious career. Songs like "Enjoy The Ride", "Spread A Little Love Around", and "Love Does It Every Time" are radio-friendly hits waiting to happen. And, songs like "Sally Jo", "Sis Draper", and "Brand New Strings" showcase the musical power of Skaggs' bluegrass band, Kentucky Thunder. "My Father's Son" and "If I Had It All Again To Do" are poignant musical memories from Skaggs' Kentucky upbringing. Add in a handful of instrumentals and a gospel song for good measure and Brand New Strings is full of great music from a master of one of America's indigenous art forms.

$ 10.00