Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby: Cluck Ol’ Hen CD

1. How Mountain Girls Can Love
2. Toy Heart
3. Bluegrass Breakdown
4. Darling Corey
5. The Way It Is
6. The Dreaded Spoon
7. Gulf Of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues
8. Sally Jo
9. Little Maggie
10. White Wheeled Limousine 
11. Cluck Ol' Hen

Bluegrass treasures and lively expanded hits wait to be discovered on this fresh collection of songs from the masterful duo of Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby.  Both GRAMMY winners, they share stories and muse about the recordings revealed on this new album.  These exciting live recordings from their highly successful tour also include interaction with their fans.  Hornsby’s spirited piano brings a new dimension to these songs, with electrifying solos and improvisation thrown in the mix of Skaggs, Hornsby and Skaggs’ band, Kentucky Thunder.

Without any restrictions, their music is as fascinating and masterful as the two stars that create it.  The pair blends songs drawn from deep roots in mountain music, adding piano and Hornsby's inimitable songwriting to Skaggs’ instrumental core of mandolin, guitar, bass, fiddle and banjo into a musical feast.  Of course, classic bluegrass is fully represented with three Bill Monroe tunes, including the fast and furious “Bluegrass Breakdown.”  The Washington Post declares “Hornsby's cascading solos and Skaggs's darting runs and chopped rhythms create lots of colorful contrasts.”  Punctuating this release is a vibrantly expansive version of Hornsby's early hit “The Way It Is” and a performance of “White Wheeled Limousine,” and to sum up the free-spirited nature of their collaborations, Skaggs and Hornsby joyfully present the vintage fiddle tune “Cluck Ol’ Hen.”  Skaggs and Hornsby kick up a storm with their mix of high-lonesome harmonies, full throttle bluegrass picking, and improvisational piano.

Skaggs says, “We recorded quite a few of the live performances from our tour and came up with a really great CD. It’s a great merging of two different styles.”  “To me,” Hornsby says, “it’s always been about staying inspired, broadening my reach and moving into new areas.”  Skaggs continues, “Listening to this live CD just reminded me of how much fun we had touring together, as I played music with one of the most talented people on the planet, Bruce Hornsby!  Every show was a gift.”

$ 11.00