Ricky Skaggs: Mosaic CD

1. Mosaic
2. Can't Shake Jesus
3. Make God First
4. Someday Soon
5. Instead
6. Shepherd's Voice
7. Picture
8. Fire From the Sky
9. I'm Awake Now
10. My Cup Runneth Over
11. You'll Find God
12. A Work of Love
13. Return to Sender
14. Spontaneous Worship (Bonus Track)

14-time GRAMMY winner Ricky Skaggs is back with a full band sound, a style that made him one of the best-selling artists in Country history, on the inspired and inspirational album Mosaic on Skaggs Family Records.  Skaggs worked closely with fellow GRAMMY winner Gordon Kennedy, known for his work with Eric Clapton, Garth Brooks and Bonnie Raitt, to create an album that mixes elements of Country music with Beatles-esque melody and lyrics that speak to Skaggs' faith, making "music that is in my head and in my heart," says Skaggs.

The title track, "Mosaic" signals all to realize that no matter how small we feel sometimes, we all have a unique place in life. "Someday Soon" opens with banjo and piano over a sturdy drum beat before kicking into a catchy chorus. Ethereal keys, hand drums, a 12-member choir and electric guitar played by Peter Frampton kick off album standout "My Cup Runneth Over," while "Picture" has a lush sound accented by strings and hammered dulcimer. And with a clever twist on the title, "Return to Sender" includes an orchestra and background vocals by Tommy Sims. With Mosaic, Skaggs and Kennedy take mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar and violin and mix them with percussion, a hammered dulcimer, a string section, bagpipes, a bouzouki, electric guitar, keyboards, slide guitar and more.  This album, nominated for two GRAMMY awards and one Dove award, will resonate with songs that will speak to your soul and uplift your heart.

$ 11.00