Ricky Skaggs: Ancient Tones CD

1. Walls Of Time
2. Lonesome Night
3. How Mountain Girls Can Love
4. Mighty Dark To Travel
5. Carolina Mountain Home
6. Connemara
7. Coal Minin' Man
8. I Believed In You Darlin
9. Pig In A Pen
10. Give Us Rain
11. Boston Boy
12. Little Bessie

There's a story of how Bill Monroe once spoke of the "ancient tones" that were the foundation of his bluegrass sound. That story served as the artistic inspiration for this classic bluegrass album, which won the "Best Bluegrass Album" Grammy in 1999. Along with the stellar backing of his band, Kentucky Thunder, Ricky Skaggs delivers impeccable performances of Monroe's "Walls of Time", "Mighty Dark To Travel", "Boston Boy", and "I Believed In You, Darlin". There's also a soulful rendition of Carter Stanley's "Lonesome Night" and a full-speed-ahead bluegrass romp through "How Mountain Girls Can Love" and "Pig in a Pen". All in all, this album is one of the finest collections of bluegrass tracks ever compiled on a single disc.

$ 8.00