Blue Highway: Blue Highway CD

1. Born With A Hammer In My Hand
2. Troubles Up And Down The Road
3. Lonesome Hearted Blues
4. Clay And Ottie
5. Man Of Constant Sorrow
6. I Am Near The Gate
7. I Hung My Head
8. Don't Come Out Of The Hole
9. That Could Be You
10. Lonely Old Town
11. It Wasn't You
12. Father I Know Why

Extraordinary musicianship and electrifying vocal performances are the trademarks of Blue Highway, so if you like great bluegrass music, you gotta get a copy of this. Produced by Ricky Skaggs, this album features high-energy, adventurous tracks - standouts include the mournful "Clay and Ottie," the hard-driving "Born with a Hammer in My Hand," a jaunty "Don't Come Out of the Hole", the soulful "Troubles Up and Down the Road" and the eerie "I Hung My Head". Crank it up, put the top down, and enjoy - Blue Highway is a musical road trip you won't want to end.

$ 8.00