Cherryholmes: Cherryholmes IV Common Threads CD

1. When It's Not With Me Everyday
2. Live It
3. Idle Minds
4. Changed In A Moment
5. The Harder I Fall
6. It's Your Love
7. Standing
8. How Far Will You Go
9. Making Pretend
10. Weaver of Lies
11. I Am Your Conscience
12. Just You
13. Tattoo of a Smudge (Instrumental)

With five GRAMMY nominations to date, the fourth album, Cherryholmes IV Common Threads, brings this talented family further to the fore.  The band is in their element with powerful new compositions, setting a new course in their musical repertoire.  While keeping the family’s harmonic blend intact, new influential styles and flavors are discovered throughout this work in their aggressive instrumental style that is incomparably Cherryholmes’ own.  With a youthful spirit, masterful arrangements are melded into a rich tapestry of work that has taken Cherryholmes from humble beginnings to a full-fledged sound to be reckoned with.  The last track on the album, "Tattoo of a Smudge", was nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Country Instrumental Performance. 

$ 10.00