Jerry & Tammy Sullivan: Tomorrow CD

1. Walking Through The Fire
2. You Never Mentioned Him To Me
3. When I Tell This World Good-Bye
4. Praise The Lord For This Life I'm Living
5. Tomorrow
6. Don't Let Me Fall
7. Oh Captain
8. He Lives
9. Jesus Cares For Me
10. It'll Be Worth It All
11. Hear Jerusalem Calling
12. Show Me The Way Home

For over forty years, Jerry Sullivan and his daughter, Tammy, have been a treasured secret in the Deep South, writing and performing uplifting songs of redemption and praise. Produced by Marty Stuart, this album is musically rooted in the old-time brush arbor gospel singing style, but the Sullivans have their own unique sound that's a joy to hear. Standout tracks include "Walking Through the Fire", When I Tell This World Good-bye", Praise The Lord For This Life I'm Living", and "You Never Mentioned Him To Me". The secret's out -- so, stand up and testify with your own copy of Tomorrow.

$ 7.00