Andy Leftwich: Ride CD

1. (Prelude) Shining Waters
2. Shining Waters
3. Faultline
4. Leaving New Hampshire
5. Queen Anne's Lace
6. Breakpoint
7. A Greater Love
8. An Angel Forever
9. Slaterville
10. Minor Swing
11. Shark Tooth
12. Melee on the Backstretch
13. Jesus Loves Me

From his beginnings on the bluegrass contest circuit, to his stint with Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike, to playing fiddle at the right hand of Ricky Skaggs as a member of Kentucky Thunder, Andy Leftwich has already established himself as one of the most accomplished young musicians in the business. With his debut instrumental album, he rotates among fiddle, mandolin, and guitar, delivering passionate performances of captivating original tunes and endearing classics. Andy covers a wide range of musical influences on this album – from bluegrass and Celtic, to jazz and swing…we’re all just along for the Ride.

$ 8.00