Ricky Skaggs: Solo Songs My Dad Loved CD

1. Foggy River                                      
2. What Is A Home Without Love                               
3. Colonel Printess                                                       
4. City That Lies Foursquare                                        
5. Little Maggie                                                           
6. Sinner You'd Better Get Ready                                
7. Pickin' In Caroline                  
8. I Had But 50 Cents                                                 
9. Green Pastures In The Sky                                      
10. Calloway                                                                
11. This World Is Not My Home                                  
12. Branded Wherever I Go                                          
13. God Holds The Future In His Hands
When Hobert Skaggs’ brother and musical partner died in World War II, he vowed that if one of his children ever showed interest in music, he would teach them to how to play the mandolin.  Now, fifty years after picking up that mandolin, Ricky Skaggs celebrates the man who caused him to fall in love with music.  Esteemed for his unmistakable vocals, Skaggs raises the bar even higher serving as his own duet partner on the Monroe Brothers’ “What Is A Home Without Love” and “Sinner, You Better Get Ready” as well as Albert Brumley’s “This World Is Not My Home,” Roy Acuff’s “Branded Wherever I Go” and the classic hymn, “God Holds The Future In His Hands.”  Couple that with his unmatched instrumental expertise – Skaggs plays every instrument on the album – and you might start to think your ears are playing tricks on you!  Fiddle and clawhammer banjo are prominent, featured on instrumentals “Colonel Prentiss,” “Calloway” and Skaggs’ own “Pickin’ in Caroline.” Stirring arrangements of gospel tunes “City That Lies Foursquare” and “Green Pastures in the Sky” are signatures of a seasoned producer while classics such as “Foggy River,” “Little Maggie” and “I Had But Fifty Cents” produce images of an old fashioned front porch jam.  From a child prodigy to one of today’s musical heroes, Ricky Skaggs continues to inspire his audiences with the heritage and the history of the old time songs embedded deep in his soul by his father.  This album was nominated for both a GRAMMY award and a Dove award in the Skaggs Family Records tradition.

$ 11.00