The Whites: A Lifetime in the Making CD

1. Always Coming Home
2. How Many Moons
3. Before The Prairie Met The Plow
4. Texas To A T
5. Apron Strings
6. Old Man Baker
7. I Miss Who I Was (With You)
8. Key To The Kingdom
9. Fair And Tender Ladies
10. Jesus Is The Missing Peace
11. Old Hands
12. The Cowboy Lives Forever

The Whites are known around the world for their warm, tight-knit harmonies - that's one of the reasons they were featured in the incredibly successful O Brother, Where Art Thou? movie and soundtrack. On this CD, The Whites' trademark vocal blend is showcased throughout a tasty, eclectic mix of bluegrass, gospel, honky-tonk and Texas swing music. Standout tracks include Emmylou Harris' guest appearance on "Fair and Tender Ladies", the memorable "Always Coming Home", Buck White's swing on "Texas To A T", and the soulful "Key To The Kingdom." From beginning to end, Jerry Douglas' production of this 12-song collection is as warm and reassuring as a favorite pair of slippers.

$ 8.00